Client Testimonials

My weekly workouts with Helga have genuinely been one of my highlights of 2021. Having a community of people to support me, hold me accountable, and push me physically to get stronger is so essential on a fitness journey, and Helga does just that. She always shows up authentically, laughs through challenging sets, is willing to workout alongside you, and still manages to slip in heavier weights. Fitness is a life long journey and I’m looking forward to even more progress with Helga!
Challenging, motivational and Fun. Helga is very hands on and attentive of your personal needs. She customizes your workouts to your fitness level but also challenges your comfort zone (in a good way). Helga makes sure you get your workout done while having fun! You may struggle during it but at the end it’s all worth it! You leave your session not being able to wait until the next. I’ve had many fitness trainer but Helga is by far the best!
One word to describe Helga By Helga AND Helga: FIERCE! Working out with Helga is not only working out but helping me connect with myself. My favorite workout partner! She’s an amazing soul and has been there from the beginning by helping me regain my confidence inside and out. She’s a gem! And definitely shines bright like a Diamond! She knows my limits, but wants me to strive for greatness and keeps pushing me, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Being a former collegiate athlete it’s tough to find the motivation and be consistent once your done competing. Helga helped bring back that fire I didn’t realize I needed in my workouts. She holds you accountable and pushes you to be the best version of yourself! I’m down 20 lbs in 4 months and I’m feeling better, moving better, and looking better everyday!
I was looking to change my life style when I came across Hell by Helga!! I always tried to do it by myself and I always failed, and always end up quitting. And that’s why I love going to hell by Helga. Helga is always pushing you to do your best, motivating you, and she does it with love. Helga made such impact in my live that today, hell by Helga is a part of my life that I can’t miss a day of working out. I’m down 20 lbs in 4 months and I’m feeling better, moving better, and looking better everyday!
Every time I hear Helga say “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it” I find a bit more fire inside me to push through! Her workouts provide all the intensity needed to have efficiency and challenge in 45 minutes - which as a person who is struggling to balance their schedule, I am very appreciative of the format. Helga’s workouts always feel like a new challenge - she finds blanched ways to engage almost every muscle group even on days where there’s a target for one area over the other. She’s communicative, responsive to her clients needs and a fun person to work out with
She visualized it, she worked for it, she believed in it, and she manifested it. Hell by Helga is not just a brand it’s a way of feeling, a way of thinking, and being. As much determination, dedication, hard work, and care Helga has put into her brand she puts the same effort or more into her clients. Working out with others or at a gym has never been “my thing” . I’ve always been self conscious. When I first started my journey- I honestly thought I would do a few sessions and I would soak up what I needed to keep going and stop coming. After my first session I kept thinking I’m not coming back. I wasn’t prepared for the journey. After the next couple of sessions I knew I had to keep coming back to workout. Helga being the driving force. She instilled that workout ethic in me, she believed in me which in turn made me believe in myself, my goals, and all the possibilities that could be. She helped me visualize a healthier well-being, not only physically, but mentally as well. Helga and her brand helped me manifest endless possibilities. With Helga, it’s not just a brand it a way of life- she believes in her clients feeling better, moving better, and being better. It’s who she is as a person!
I’ve always been a private person. Even when it came to my work outs. I had gained most of my weight during my pregnancy and being home during the pandemic. So when I spotted Helga on IG working out, I decided to send her a text. My first day was rough. I nearly passed out from not eating anything. Advise no one should ever do that. Didn’t think the workouts would be so intense. After the first week my body adjusted and week by week the workouts became even more intense and I was ready for it. Helga had a daily plan which included different workouts each day. For me that was perfect. My experience with Hell by Helga was great, I would definitely recommend a fried, family and a client. I had to return back to work and my life got very busy. But one day I plan to return back to continue to support Helga.
I love working out with Helga! I’m a busy mom who doesn’t get to make time for herself often, so working out on a regular basis is not quite in the cards for me. I can always count on Helga to give me a good reset, push me to my limits and most importantly help me with my technique. That way when I do sneak a gym session in I can reflect on her trainings for my form and remember if she can get me to do a strong hour, I can do a quick 30 no problem.
I’m proud to be one of the few people who trusted Helga at the very start of her career path. Seeing Hell by Helga go from about 5 clients to so much more is amazzing. She’s dedicated and focused! That’s all she needs to get where she is today. I’m very proud of Helga