I am committed to showing up only when healthy and well. I ask that all clients extend the same courtesy to myself and others. Additionally I will continue to follow and enforce any city and/or state mandated rules, regulations and policies pertaining to COVID-19.


HBH has a 12-hour cancellation policy. Any classes missed or cancelled within 4 hours of class will be charged a full session credit. Exceptions will be made to our policy in emergency and delicate situations. I completely understand that life happens and it is not always possible to follow through on every commitment made! There are no hard feelings for a cancellation or a miss, I simply must maintain the integrity of my policy.


SNOW: As a business operating in New England, I am committed to opening my doors through all types of weather. I do not cancel at the first sight of snow, and expect that you won’t either.

The safety of my clients is the utmost importance to me. I will closely follow the forecast and road reports to make cancellation decisions with safety in mind. In the event that classes must be canceled for safety, I will do so with as much advance notice as possible. I will notify you via text or call. If you are schedule for a session that was canceled, you will not be charged for the session